FieldPoint Petroleum Corp (FPP.A)

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公司介绍(FieldPoint Petroleum Corp)

证券代码 FPP.A
证券名称 FieldPoint Petroleum Corp
证券类型 美股
上市场所 美国证券交易所
上市板块 -
发行方式 -
首发上市日 2005-09-20
首发价格(元) -
首发数量(股) 0
首发募资额(元) -
首发主承销商 -
货币单位 USD
公司名称 FieldPoint Petroleum Corporation
注册地址 美国科罗拉多州
办公地址 609 Castle Ridge Road, Suite 335, Austin, Texas, USA
成立日期 1980-03-11
董事会主席 Roger D. Bryant
公司属地 United States 美国
电话 +1 (512) 579-3560
传真 -
公司简介 FieldPoint Petroleum Corporation was founded by Ray D. Reaves for the purpose of acquiring, operating, and developing oil and gas properties across the country. Ray began his career with North American Oil and Gas and subsequently purchased an interest in 10 of their wells and formed Bass Petroleum, Inc. Under Ray’s management in the years that followed, Bass Petroleum gained majority control of the 10 original wells and acquired interest in another 60 wells. Bass Petroleum merged with Energy Production Corporation and, as a result, FieldPoint Petroleum Corporation was born.